Our wedding party

Our wedding party is a crazy, fun, totally lovable bunch and we are so excited to have each and every one of them standing by our side through all the planning and into whatever our lives hold!

Rebecca's attendants
  • Erica Jackson, Maid Of Honor
    My amazing little sister. She graduated from UNC Greensboro in 2011 majoring in Kinesiology and is going to graduate school to become a physical therapist.
  • Kristin Watson, Bridesmaid
    I met Kristin while we were both hostesses at a local restaurant. She got an amazing opportunity in Raleigh to be a catering manager and I have missed her antics everyday!
  • Christina Scholl, Bridesmaid
    Christina and I also met while working at the same restaurant that Kristin and I met. She has an amazing little boy named Adam who is two and ridiculously smart. I am honored to be his Godmom!
  • Lia Bantang, Bridesmaid
    Lia is my super fun, super cute cousin from Jackson, New Jersey. She starts high school in the fall and is so excited! She is always busy as she is an extremely talented pianist and soccer player.
  • Lacey Bernick, Bridesmaid
    Lacey is my wonderful cousin from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has the most beautiful blue eyes as well as super smart and is an amazing soccer player. She would much rather attend the wedding in her soccer jersey than the dress in which she will look so beautiful!
  • Mia Piccoli, Flower Girl
    Mia is John's niece from Denver, Colorado and will be the cutest flower girl ever! She is super smart and bubbly and very excited to wear her super poofy dress!
John's attendants
  • Justin Woods, Best Man
  • Blair Schulhofer, Groomsman
  • Will Warren, Groomsman
  • Steve Beach, Groomsman
  • Garrett Martin, Groomsman
  • Adam Martin, Ring Bearer
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